Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Primal Kitchen Chaos - Minus the Kitchen: Day 3

   So it was not my intention to drag this three-part series over the course of over a month, but I have a little bit of a tendency to be somewhat scattered in my thoughts, especially lately (I've come to lovingly refer to it as being on "Planet Pregnant"). There really aren't enough hours in the day--between work, working out, getting good meals on the table, blogging, and trying to find time to relax, usually at least one of those things get pushed to the back-burner to make time for one of the others. Didn't mean to let this post get lost in the shuffle, but I wanted to wrap it up so I can move on to bigger, better things.

     In case you don't remember where I left off, refer to Primal Kitchen Chaos - Minus the Kitchen: Day 2 and Day 1.

     Sunday morning I woke up feeling fine, despite the sugar binge I went on the night before. Normally, when I go on a carb bender like that, I wake up feeling almost hungover from it--riddled with a sense of lethargy and overall crappiness. But something I've noticed since becoming pregnant, is that carbohydrates don't seem to affect me like they did before. That came as a relief, as I wasn't paying much of a price for my cheat the night before.

    We went to grab breakfast before my last day at the certification, and I was exceptionally excited to eat it at the hotel -- upon glancing at the in-room menu the night before, I noticed that their menu boasted organic, cage-free eggs and omelettes made with organic vegetables. It sounded beautifully Paleo.

     Wandering down to the restaurant before 7am meant we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. They had a pristine breakfast buffet bristling with heavenly-scented non-Paleo foods like waffles, french toast, 50 different types of breakfast biscuit/bread/rolls/pastries (carbs, carbs, carbs, and more carbs), bagels with lox, and things of the like. They also had made-to-order omelettes, bacon, and fresh fruits available as well. I found the buffet, with it's supply of unlimited bacon and breakfastivities enticing, but knew it would be very difficult to stay on track if i were to have ordered it (I possess self control, but only to a certain degree), so I stuck with what I'd had all week: a veggie omelette (this time with fresh asparagus, portabella mushrooms, and spinach, made with cage-free eggs), and bacon.

The waitress came by and asked, "juice? coffee?" to which I replied, 'yes,' thinking that I was only saying "Yes" to coffee, but apparently my innate grogginess made me victim of some kind of shifty waitress word trickery. I took the orange juice when she brought it, thinking it wasn't a huge deal--until I saw on the check that one small glass of OJ cost $4.50--$9 altogether for both of us. The sensation of being bamboozled over juice made my breakfast slightly less enjoyable, but it was definitely the best breakfast I'd eaten all weekend.

..And we paid the price for it. This cage-free 'designer' breakfast with swindled juice cost almost $50. I want to say something like 'you get what you pay for'..but know that, if we were at home, we could've thrown together the same breakfast, organic, cage-free eggs and all, for about $12 (and been left with 8 eggs, extra bacon, and vegetables to eat for dinner.)

    Again Mike drove me back out to the Cert, where I was slightly more awake than last time because I'd allowed myself one cup of regular coffee with breakfast. I followed a similar eating plan as the day before: lunch was whatever cherries and blueberries I had left, some celery sticks with almond butter, and jerky. An hour later, I dipped into my stash of nuts/dried fruit, and then it was WOD time again: Some kind of kettlebell swing/burpee AMRAP. It wasn't too bad (for me, at least--being pregnant, I really couldn't push it much with this one, since both movements are metabolically challenging, and can leave you out of breath fast. Big no-no.). We settled back into our seats, listened to more lecture, and then it was time to take the written test, which would determine whether or not we would be CrossFit-certified trainers, or just receive a certificate of attendence.

     Despite the fact that I didn't read the study book at all, I only missed a couple on the whole test. A huge relief.
     I are smart after all!

     At 5:30pm we headed home directly from the Cert, trying to make it back to Pittsburgh with decent time. I snacked on some orange slices and jerky in the car, but by 7:30, I was starting to feel some hunger pangs. we stopped in some obscure town near Breezewood, at some place with a generic name like 'Ed's Grill.' I ate broiled salmon and a side salad dressed with oil and vinegar, as well as a cup of vegetable beef soup. I usually steer clear of soups, but this one seemed pretty legit: it didn't have barley, corn, or noodles in it, the broth was clear (as opposed to creamy), and, well. It just sounded good!

     We'd successfully made it through our three-day weekend, only veering off track once, and only because I'd made the conscious decision to do so. Staying Paleo really wasn't hard at all--no more difficult than it is at home. Being prepared made all the difference though, and definitely saved us money that was put to better use...like eating at Fogo de Chao. :)

So aside from being prepared, and having the what-to-eat-in-the-car situation taken care of, I've started compiling a handy list of Paleo Restaurant Tips (The original plan was to include it in this post, but I decided it deserved one of its own):

"The Paleo Restaurant Survival Guide"

Check it out!